Benetton Blu Man

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฿1,700 ฿900

น้ำหอม Benetton Blu Man เป็นน้ำหอมที่รวมเอา Passion Fruit, ดอก Peony, Saringa, ส้มแมนดาริน, ซีดาร์, Styrax, Patchuli. มะลิและวนิลา

Benetton Verde, Benetton Rosso, Benetton Giallo and Benetton Blu are five new fragrances by the house of Benetton presented in collection Colori 2010. Two fragrances are editions for women and other two aim at men.

The house of Benetton bases their creation, collection and games on colours. Designers of the house create in honour of variety offered by our world. Colour is a universal means of communication and each colour has separate meaning in different cultures.

Uniting colours and fragrance is not an unusual step by Benetton. Cheerful combination of creativity, universality and youth offers new compositions and new contents. Red, yellow, green and blue are closely connected with certain feelings, locations, plants, flowers, as a combination of picture and emotion. Red suggests red berries, strength, passion, rose flower; yellow reminds of us summer, stars, energy and gold; green is the colour of hope, football, nature, mint leaves; green associates of jeans, ocean, freedom and peace.

Each flacon is marked with a special colour created as an unfinished graffiti. Painting with colour suggests a spontaneous gesture which unifies all cultures and generations. Design Studio Fabrica created flacon for the Benetton Colori collection.

Benetton Blu Man – freshness, cleanliness and the big blue of the sky and the ocean. This fragrance opens with lemon and lavender accords, a heart includes green notes of basil, rosemary oil and clary sage, while a base is flooded with waves of harmony combined of white cedar, patchouli and cocoa.

All four fragrances are available as 30ml EDT. An accompanying collection encompasses deodorants carrying the same aromas. Available from the beginning of 2010!


Eau de Toilette (EDT)




100 ml


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